About Me

Why choose me to make your keepsake or heirloom?

Many of my earliest childhood memories are of sitting beside my mother as she worked at her machine night after night. I followed in her footsteps and taught myself how to use the machine.

I studied textiles at school and gained a GCSE in the subject. I was not allowed to go onto college, I had to "earn my living" as my parents said. So I went out and found a job sewing.

I worked in a prestigious, high-end factory making make up bags and glasses cases to be sold in Harrods, London.
I then went on to a lingerie factory, working with fine delicate satins and silks. Then my children came along, but I did not stop sewing.

I set about learning how to make curtains and clothes. In recent years I have been making keepsake toys and quilts for family members and friends. It was them who have encouraged me to set up a website and bring my skills to you.

Sewing has been my passion since I was a child. I have developed and updated my skills for more years than I care to remember. Having 4 children myself, I always had boxes of special memory clothes in the loft which I intended to hand down to each child for their children when old enough. But thinking about it,  the clothes would be out dated, musty and stained from being in a box for so many years. What if they only had girls and these were boy clothes? Why not turn them into something that can be used and admired now?

Every item ordered through this site is made by myself to a very high standard.
I do not send anything out that I would not be happy to receive myself.