Wedding Dress to Christening Gown

Wedding dress to Christening gown conversion

Why not have your wedding dress made into the perfect family christening heirloom? One of a kind gown to pass down for generations.  I can incorporate your veil  into the dress if you wish. A matching bonnet can be added to complete the set. It does not matter if your gown has rips / tears, or if there are stains an other marks. I can work around these.

The christening gowns come in 3 sizes :-

small (1-3 months) 7 - 13lbs

Medium (6 months) 13 - 18lbs

Large (12 months) 18 - 21lbs

This is a guide, I may require your babies chest measurement to custom fit.

Upon receiving the dress, I spend time looking and checking over the dress. Visualizing what I think the end gown will look like. I take into consideration any of your special requests and ideas you may have. I then email you a sketch of what the end result will look like. Then when we are both happy with the design deconstruction begins. The new gown is then born. I will always email you a photo of the gown when completed so you are happy with the result before its sent back to you. Considerations will have to be made for the amount of fabric in the orignal dress. I may have to use my discretion if parts of the beading / embroidery have to be cut and resized to fit the pattern. All parts are used to get the best showcasing for the final gown.

How to order at the bottom of the page

                 Wedding Gown 2             Christening Gown 1

The above gown was a heavily detailed beaded and sequined dress. The bride wished for as much of the beading to be incorporated into the new gown. The lady knew she was having a girl so wanted it be girlie. The christening gown ended up being a smaller version of the orignal dress.

Can my dress be converted?

Most gowns can be converted. Fit and flare styles may limit the fullness of the finished skirt. Boned corset top types may limit the fabric I have to work with. Tulle fabric skirts may have to have extra new fabric added underneath  to give the new gown stability. I will always asses the dress and during the consultation stage let you know if its suitable to be converted. You can always email me photos of your dress before sending to check suitability first.

How to order

Goto the shop and complete the order form.
Payment is made through Pay Pal; if you wish to pay by cheque or bank transfer please contact me first.
Wash and dry your items, parcel them up and send to;

Call the seamstress,
5 Ibbertson Close,
BH8 0JG.

Clearly mark your return address details on the parcel.

You may wish to remove any underskirt netting as this cannot be used in the final gown and will be bulky to post.