Keepsakes & Memory Bears

Whats the difference between a keepsake and memory bear? Keepsake is an item made from clothes that someone has out grown. Memory bears are made from clothes of someone that our no longer with us. Although they are two names, in essence they are the same thing. Wanting to keep memories alive and close in object form to see and hold everyday. Whether your sending me, out grown clothes from your baby or sending me loved clothes from a family member who has passed. The same care and attention is applied. I,m sure that the finished will bring many years of comfort and memories to you.

What clothes are best?

Each keepsake has a recommended minimum number of items to be sent in. You can send more if you wish. But not too many as its difficult to fit everything on. Please consider if your sending premature or 0-3 month size clothes add a few extra,s in the bag. Baby grows and t shirt fabrics work best for keepsakes. Knitted and cotton  fabrics can also be used. Heavy denim is not recommended. Large motifs will be cut to size to fit any pattern pieces. I will use my skills to showcase the best parts of your items. Buttons and lace may have to be repositioned to show it off and compliment the keepsake. Any special requests or ideas you have, please clearly write them on a note included with your clothes along with your return postal address / email and phone number.

Below are some examples of designs I offer

Keepsakes can be made from baby clothes, adult clothes, work / school uniforms, football / rugby tops, dressing gowns, fancy dress just to name a few.


Dragon front 2  Dragon side 2 

A cute dragon, with beautifully detailed wings and big fat belly, which a name can be embroidered on. The dragon stands approx 8 inches tall, requires 4 items of clothing to make.


Duck front 2  

The cutest duck, with big padded feet and pouty bill.  The duck stands approx 10 inches tall, and requires 4 items of clothing to make.

Classic Bear

 Bear front 2  Bear side 2

The classic  bear, The bear stands approx 12 inches tall, and requires 6 items of clothing.

Wedding Dress Bearback-topbutton

  Wedding bear front 2   Wedding Bear Side

The wedding dress bear. Using the same pattern as above. The wedding dress bear show cases your dress. It can be on permanent display to remind you of the day. Bridesmaid dresses and your grooms waistcoat material can be incorporated into the overall design.  The bear stands approx 12 inches tall.


Lion front 2  

The sweetest lion this side of the jungle. The cute mane with sticky out ears would melt any ones heart. This lion is just perfect to sit on your shelf and watch over your family.  The lion is approx  14 inches high and requires 6 items of clothing.


Bunny 1  

This cute bunny has the biggest floppy ears and a sweet little nose. Bunny sits around 10 inches tall when sitting. I require 4 baby grows to make this bunny.

The legal bit and small print

All keepsakes / memory bears are designed to be sat on a shelf for you to look at and admire. With maybe the occasional cuddle and squeeze. They are not designed to be given to a child under 14 years of age as a play toy.

The EU demands that a mandatory conformity marking is applied to certain products in the European economic area. This means that any item that looks like a child toy must apply for a CE mark. Except items for seasonal decoration and festivities.

All keepsake and memory "bears" are made from the customers own fabrics. Therefore it's not possible to test every keepsake / memory bear that is produced. For this reason my keepsakes and memory bears are sold as decorations.

I suggest a gentle dust regularly, and a light sponge with a damp cloth if needed. Machine washing is not recommended for a finished article, as this may dislodge the stuffing and cause your item to become misshapen. I use safety eyes and toy safe regulated stuffing. Any off cuts from your clothes are kept for 1 month after I have made them. Unless you ask for them to be returned, this may incur additional postage costs.

How to order

Goto the shop and complete the order form.
Payment is made through Pay Pal; if you wish to pay by cheque or bank transfer please contact me first.
Wash and dry your items, parcel them up and send to;

Call the seamstress,
5 Ibbertson Close,
BH8 0JG.

Clearly mark your return address details on the parcel.